Nail lamps, which one to buy?


"What nail lamp should I buy?"

"What is the most suitable oven for me?"

"With which lamp can I dry my polish semi-permanent in as little time as possible?"

"A UV lamp? An LED lamp? Or a UV-LED nail lamp?"

"Nail lamp"

These are the questions you ask us most often on LED or UV lamps.

The choice of which nail lamp to buy depends on you and the use you need to make of it.

Here are all the features that will help you choose the right lamp for you.


UV LAMP:the UV lamp is the first type of nail oven born to satisfy our passion. The products to be used with it must be semi-transparent enamels, reconstruction gel and One Step 3 in 1 enamels adapted to this UV technology. Some UV lamps are equipped with an aeration system, ideal for those who use it for several hours, as it avoids overheating of it.

This type of lamp is composed of 9 watt bulbs, which you can find inside.

LED LAMP:this lamp thanks to the total LED technology allows to greatly reduce the drying times of the polish semi-permanent, the reconstruction gel and the One Step 3 in 1 polish . Of course, the products to be used with this lamp must be created specifically for LED technology. Inside the LED lamp, usually, there are many handy lights that replace the bulbs of the classic UV lamp.

LED/UV LAMP:even this product, significantly reduces curing times. With this lamp you can dry both uv products and products with LED technology. Inside, it consists of various LED faretti and, usually, a uv serpentine. Thanks to their moderate costs compared to those totally LED, and thanks to their advanced technology compared to UV, LED/UV (CCFL) technology lamps are currently the most purchased.

nail lamps operation bulbs LED beeps


The power of a lamp is indicated in Watt (W).

The more watts a lamp has, the shorter the drying time of the enamels, and the more the lamp will be suitable. The power of uv lamps ranges from 9 Watts onwards (max 36 watts) while the power of LED lamps ranges from 6 Watts (equivalent to 36 UV watts) onwards (max 48 watts).

Between two LED and uv lamps with Watt themselves, the LED lamp is more powerful.

UV Led Time Nail Lamp


Now, almost all lamps, they have base removable function, which allows and facilitates cleaning, such as polish semi-permanent.

If you work with the lamp, frequent cleaning is strongly recommended to avoid unpleasant surprises to customers (e.g. mushrooms)

NB Cleaning the tools you use for your manicure/pedicure is always important, even if they are only used by you.

Lamp life

UV LAMP: the duration of UV bulbs ranges from about 700 maximum 1000 hours of work. However, the bulbs, being very exposed, are highly fragile, so the duration also depends on you.

LED LAMP and LED/UV LAMP: unlike UV bulbs, LED lamps do not make it necessary to periodically replace bulbs. LED headlights have a very long life (30,000/50,000 hours of light) and the diods used in the lamps are very solid, made of durable plastic and resistant to high temperatures.


How to choose a nail lamp? This depends on you and your budget!

The more advanced the lamp technology, the higher the costs of it.

For home use, you can settle for a UV lamp (the cheapest) and have some patience in drying times. Be careful though, if you go to choose UV lamps with sensors and aeration system, don't be surprised if the price is higher than a basic lamp!

If the nail oven is your main working tool and you have to use it for several hours a day, the optimal is to buy an LED lamp or led/UV hybrid lamp.

Even for this category of lamps, the more "optional" they present the more expensive they are, the more WATT LEDs they have, the more they cost.

We remind you that the higher the watts of a lamp, the shorter the drying times.

Discover the lamps LCI


To date, we find on the web a lot of lamps with different colors, different sizes and different technologies. As with power, the larger the size, the more powerful the lamp is because it can hold as many bulbs or LED handy as possible.

UV LAMP: having bulky bulbs, they are the largest, as they must contain 4 bulbs, and have more traditional shapes. On the market, there are also UV lamps with smaller dimensions as they can have only 1 bulb of 9 watts.

LED LAMP and LED/UV LAMP: they are the most practical and light. LED lamps with a few watts can reach really small sizes!

But even the 48 watt ones are not very large; the farets, in fact, have a very small size compared to UV bulbs.

Again, we advise you to purchase the lamp depending on the use. Smaller lamps, for example, do not have a large enough inch to let in even the thumb (NB to catalyze the whole hand, including thumb, make sure that in LED lamps the diods are also placed laterally) and in addition, if they do not have the removable base , they are not able to make pedicure.

Finally, we advise you to also check the products in your possession before buying a lamp, as there are semi-transparent enamels and Gels suitable only for UV lamps or only for LED lamps. So check their compatibility!

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