CAT EYE (S) Nails? What are they?

Cat Eye nails have arrived, the elegant and stylish trend inspired by the eyes of cats!!

Nail art was not insensitive to the charm of these felines either, carrying the beauty of their eyes on the nails of all women and girls. The deep and magical eyes of cats are the inspiration for the base of the nail trend 2020!

The beautiful shades of magnetic colors make these enamels semi-permanent UNIQUE, both for the colors and for the effects that you can achieve with a simple use of the magnet (magnet) in a few seconds.

These nails make the wink, even if it is a product released a few years ago, the trend has depopulated this year, which also takes inspiration from the magnificent stone called "The Tiger's Eye".

Cat Eye nails, as I mentioned, have begun to peep in the fashion landscape in every shade and color, characterized by the typical light and bright streaks.

The Semi-permanent Cat Eye 5D, as the common denominator has:


i.e. i.e.

Depth.. typical of the gaze of our domestic friends!

Why so special?

My dear, if I hadn't convinced you yet ... These particular semi-permanent enamels are activated with the passage of the magnet; moving the magnet above the nail at your leisure will change the gradient and effect of the color. Getting an M A G I C O result in seconds! Try yourself to believe it.

Magnetic polish is the secret ingredient of the Cat Eye.

The choice to use this type of product, will allow you to have a wide range of possible choices for your customers; even for the most indecisive ones or for those girls who are always a step forward in fashion who every time ask you if you have news.

Have I aroused enough curiosity? Want to know what this cat eye 5d semi-permanent about? How does it apply? Continue reading with me...


How does it apply?

There are actually two methods to apply this fantastic product, the 1st is the classic way where you will go to use only the Cat eye color.

The 2nd way is to go and create a black base with the polish semi-permanent before going to lay out the Cat eye 5D color, the latter method will help you to stand out even more the nails of your customers, the iing colors will give even more shine and depth.

LCI Cosmetics has created a new line .. hear what you hear.. CAT EYE COLLECTION, a line based on the art of nail decoration and nail art. This line allows you to create real works of art of great, great effect !! I thought it should represent all those women who want nail art in a few minutes; easy and fast but still maintaining the professionalism of the product, keeping up with the fashion of the moment.

Many nail art can also be made with polish semi-permanent, this is where the Cat Eye 5D comes into play, that's why I decided to insert the latter to try to satisfy your every need!

What does Cat Eye 5D mean? MORE EFFECT!!

Let's see, step by step, how to make Cat Eye nails. The initial process is the same as that required by polish semi-permanent. Below I will list step by step the 2 methods of application.

Magnetic polish tutorial semi-permanent how it applies:

Do you want to apply it at the same time as the video? So you don't miss any passes?

Equip yourself with these products before clicking play:

Primer acidic or acidic

Base protection

Cat eye color

Semi-permanent CODE S40418 BLACK



1st Classic method:

The classic way of application where you will go to use only the Cat eye color:

begins with the normal procedure of application of the semi-permanent: prepare the nail, degrease and mattify, spread the non-acidic PRIMER letting it evaporate 30 seconds in the air

spread a layer of BASE protection and polmerize in lamp 48w 30 seconds

apply the polish semi-permanent Cat Eye of the color you prefer, a thin layer and close in lamp 48w 30 seconds

lay out a second layer of Cat eye, before curing in the lamp, take the magnet and place the magnet to your liking to achieve the desired effect, it only takes a few seconds you will see! Then cure in lamp 60 seconds

finally seal with the polisher TOP coat, and close in the lamp 48w for 60 seconds, after which it degreases with an imbebito pad of cleaner

As I mentioned before, there are so many effects that can be created with Cat Eye! It is not only the magnet that changes the final effect, but also the color base that is applied, so let's go ahead with the explanation of the 2nd method of writing the Cat Eye.

2nd Method: with base polish screen

The second way is to go and create a base with the polish semi-permanent before going to lay out the Cat eye color:

after preparing the nail, apply the non-acidic PRIMER and let it air dry 30 seconds

spread a thin layer of BASE protection and polymerize in lamp 48w 30 seconds

applies a layer of semi-permanent black, our Deep Black, and dries in lamp 30 seconds

now you can lay out the Cat Eye polish all over the nail, remember before drying in the lamp take the magnet and place the magnet to your liking to achieve the desired effect, it only takes a few seconds you will see! Then cure in lamp 60 seconds

finally seal with the polisher TOP coat, and close in the lamp 48w for 60 seconds, after which it degreases with an imbebito pad of cleaner


Magnet Cat Eye Let's pause for a moment on the magnet...

The magnet of the LCI line has the double magnet!!

The first to the round base with which circular "galaxy" effects can be created, the second is larger and rectangular suitable for creating more linear effects such as the "cat's eye" effect, or by moving the magnet one step at a time to all ends of the nail so as to concentrate all the Cat color in the center of the nail bed, thus obtaining an "orbit" effect ???? Magnificent!

You can customize the effect in base to the position of the magnet, on average it should stand near the nail for at least 5 seconds, after which the typical effect will come out.

Watch with your own eyes, the video with the different techniques of using the magnet..

Magnet effects

As hard as nail art may seem to make, it has base a special ingredient.. Secret. The polish is magnetic, which is why you can get the Cat Eye effect, from which it takes its name.

You can customize the result to your liking, placing the magnet in the position you prefer, in base to the points of light you want to give to your customers' nails.

It is really essential to know where to place the light points of the cat eye effect, not to have uncertainties so as to obtain a uniform texture without making "mess" with the magnet tool.

Remember that the closer the magnet to the nails, the better the result, this does not mean that you have to keep it directly in contact with the polish. It's an operation that only requires a little practice for the first few times.

Give free rein to fantasy, there is no precise rule even you can invent your own effect!

Tips for a Cat Eye on TOP!

Dark colors are a perfect base , you can choose a dark polish semi-permanent to combine with the cat eye semi-permanent , such as a dark blue with a blue/purple magnetic; in fashion to give your customers' nails an appearance reminiscent of a starry sky. Or the burgundy combo polish golden cat eye, very chic and autumnal.

The choice is really wide, it is up to you to decide what character to give to your nail art!


If you stay too long with the magnet placed on the color, you risk creating a negative impact on the quality of nail art, in case it happens do not worry, with the brush spread a slight cat eye pass again.

Have Fantasia!! it's the keyword

How do I remove Cat Eye?

Questions about how to take off polish magnetic semi-permanent?

Quiet is a classic semi-permanent, the removal technique is always the same in 4 easy steps:

with a file buffer remove the layer of gloss that seals the color, will help the Remover act more effectively on the polish semi-permanent

wrap your nails with remover wraps (aluminum foil, tin foil sheets with cotton), soak remover for polish semi-permanent, and let it act for about 10/15 minutes

free one finger at a time, to remove the remaining semi-permanent layer, use the tool for removal or wooden spingipelle.

finally with a file buffer passes, gently, on the surface of the nails to give uniformity, so as to make your client's nails ready for the next manicure !!

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